Monday, February 20, 2012

pre-clone steps of EBS 12.1

Cloning Release 12 Oracle Applications E-Business Suite:

pre-clone steps :
1- Source the environment variables for Oracle Applications
activate maintaince mode by 2 ways :

- the first one by dmadmin :

choose 5

choose 1 if maitenance mode is disabled

after that exit by choosing 3 and after that choose 6 .

the second is directly by the sql command :

2 - Apply the latest AD patch
For Release 12.1: 9239089  

3 - Apply the latest Rapid Clone patches
Update the Oracle Applications file system with the latest Rapid Clone files by applying the following patches to all Applications nodes.

For Release 12.1: 9833058:R12.OAM.B ,12404574:R12.OAM.B ,12598630:R12.OAM.B

4. On the Application Tier (as the APPLMGR user):
. Run AutoConfig on the APPL_TOP
. Execute utility to create the file

    perl $AD_TOP/bin/
    This will create in $INST_TOP/admin/out

5. On the Database Tier (as the ORACLE user):
. Copy or FTP the from Application Tier to the $ORACLE_HOME
. Uncompress under the $ORACLE_HOME

    unzip -o
  . Run AutoConfig on the $ORACLE_HOME  

 -  perl dbTier
  - perl appsTier

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