Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Upgrade Oracle E-Business suite 12.1.1 to 12.1.3

1. Shutdown the database and apps tier and take a cold backup of both filesystems.

2. Change at initSID.ora the database parameters

3. Start the database and listener.

 - create the out put directory of this sql and give 777 permission  on this directory  :
SELECT SUBSTR(value,1,DECODE(INSTR(value,','),0,LENGTH(value),INSTR(value,',')-1) )
FROM v$parameter WHERE name = 'utl_file_dir';

( to not get the below error :

ATTENTION: All workers either have failed or are waiting:
          FAILED: file ce8509466.sql on worker  1.
ATTENTION: Please fix the above failed worker(s) so the manager can continue.)

 - to not get the error :Relink of module "MSCCPP" failed, "FEMCCE","MSCNEW","MSCMON" etc . etc. - 12.1.3  when running the patch 9239090
- Please downgrade The  binutils  From "binutils-'" to" binutils-"  as given in The Note 781553.1.
rpm -U binutils-
rpm -U binutils-

If a higher version of the binutils has already been installed, downgrade using the following command:

rpm -Uvh --oldpackage binutils-
rpm -Uvh --oldpackage binutils-

The below screenshot show that I have to downgrade binutils to get to the required version:


You can download the correct version required - here

Downgrade using the '--oldpackage' rom flag, and relink again. Should be OK now:

- Increase the size of tablespace APPS_TS_SEED ,APPS_TS_TX_DATA ,SYSAUX and enable autoextend to the new datafile added .

select file_name,tablespace_name from dba_data_files where tablespace_name='APPS_TS_TX_DATA' order by file_name;

ALTER TABLESPACE APPS_TS_TX_DATA add datafile '/u01/oracle/TESTEBS/db/apps_st/data/a_txn_data_05.dbf' size 3G autoextend on;

5. Upgrade Applications to 12.1.3. You have to download patches 9239089, 9239090, 9239095. Don't expect to find specific patches for x86-64bit linux. The standard x86 Linux patch works for both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux.

6. Apply R12.AD.B.DELTA.3 - Patch 9239089

a. Create $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin on the database server.
 b. Copy adgrants.sql (UNIX) from this patch directory 9239089 to $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin.
 c. Set the environment to point to ORACLE_HOME on the database server.
 d. Use SQL*Plus to run the script:
    $ sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin/adgrants.sql APPS
 e. Enable maintenance mode with adadmin, and set the environment to correct apps environment.
    Check that $>echo $ORACLE_HOME returns /apps/tech_st/
10.1.2 and not 10.1.3
    In case you have the
Errors While Applying Patch: adogjf() Unable to copy Registry.Dat
    check Oracle Support Doc 551841.1
 f. Apply u9239089.drv of the patch using adpatch

7. Apply Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3 with patch 9239090. Bear in mind that it will take hours to copy all the new forms, reports, pl/sql and to compile all the invalid objects at last! You don't have to run autoconfig on the apps tier, since the patch runs it at the end.

8. Apply the latest consolidated online help patch 9239095.

9- shutdown the database
remove the 2 parameters added in the begun of upgrade in initSID.ora ( _disable_fast_validate=TRUE and recyclebin=off )


  1. Hi, currently i have Oracle EBS 12.1.1 , we have some of the HR modules, during the implementation the consultant company applied the HR Global patch plus localization to Arabic, do i need to do any additional tasks after the upgrade plan mentioned above or not?


  2. for ur case dont forget to run NLS Generic Platform ( American English ) and the NLS Generic Platform (Arabic ) for the patch 9239090.

  3. http://dba4oracleapps.blogspot.hk/